Self Improvement

A daily dose of inspiration to boost your confidence and help you reconnect with your inner wisdom

No guess work needed, as each day you will receive the card that is right for you.

Recognising that you have value in you is the first powerful step towards acknowledging and fulfilling your purpose.

This set of 52 cards is a unique collection of wisdom principles that empower you for the day ahead. Each card is designed to help you reflect on and redesign the outcomes that you would love to experience in life.

Each day, select a card, trusting that the card you pick is relevant for that day. Keep the message in mind and use the information received to navigate you through the day.

The wish for you is that these cards help to remind you of your value so that you can use your renewed wisdom to make a bigger difference in the world.

Self Improvement


By using and sharing these cards we want individuals to know that they have value in them, no matter their location or station in life. We are all here for a purpose, and by embracing the principles of The Value In You®, each person can feel empowered to leave a legacy that shows that they mattered.

When a person embraces their value they can achieve great things.

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“The Value In You cards are amazing.  Just what we need to raise our self-esteem.  Great concept.  I love them.  Absolutely amazing.”

L. Hudson, Transformational Life Coach

” This little box of cards contains a ‘fountain of wisdom’.  I will definitely use it with young people but also at home for myself.  It is a great piece of work and achievement.  These cards should help millions of people prosper and find supreme joy of life.”

P. Bup, Educator and Entrepreneur