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Have you ever felt out of sorts and that some things are just not right for you?

Do you find that although the name may change you keep repeating the same relationship over and over again?

Is the business that you were once passionate about now taking up most of your time and energy so that you no longer get to live life in the way that you would love?

Have you faced one too many challenges and no longer feel able to cope with the day to day stuff?

So, what if I told you…

It’s here, your very own inspiration for your pocket; The Value In You® is a combination of navigational tools that help you to create the life that you love.

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Life happens, but you have a choice as to how you live it. A daily dose of The Value In You® (more if you are so inclined) will give you that extra bit of knowledge to guide your actions and create more meaningful experiences. Many that you will come to cherish.

Even if your life is good right now, it could be great!!

With today’s fast pace and constant change it is easy to get caught up in stuff, so much so that you often feel overwhelmed, experiencing any of the following:

Self doubt
Thoughts of ‘Can I really do this?’, ‘Am I good enough?’, ‘I am too…’

Struggling in relationships
Are you finding it hard to sustain a relationship for any length of time or not connecting with colleagues at work?

Recurring health issues
Such as lack of energy, challenges with you weight and overall well-being

Stuck in your career or business
Failing to progress to the levels that you would like it see.

These are all concerns faced by so many. The good news is that it does not have to be your norm.

People who use The Value In You® consistently find that their self-confidence increases, leading to improved relationships, promotions, improved well-being, clarity and much more.

So, can they help you?
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We have made it easy for you to get inspiration at any time, the 52 cards are presented in a handy pocket-sized pack that you carry around with you.

When you need a little boost, just dip into your set and receive your dose of inspiration.

Great for individuals, families, teams and work groups, elevating them to higher levels of understanding and achievement.

An audio of the card ‘Confidence’ can be played below

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“The Value In You cards are amazing.  Just what we need to raise our self-esteem.  Great concept.  I love them.  Absolutely amazing.”

L. Hudson, Transformational Life Coach

” This little box of cards contains a ‘fountain of wisdom’.  I will definitely use it with young people but also at home for myself.  It is a great piece of work and achievement.  These cards should help millions of people prosper and find supreme joy of life.”

P. Bup, Educator and Entrepreneur