6 Questions eBook

Six Questions to Ask When Reading
The Value In You® Inspirational Leadership cards

One Way to Gain Value from Reading and Using The Value In You® Inspirational Leadership cards is to read this book and follow the instructions contained within its pages.

Reading The Value In You® cards alone can be challenging, but it can also be deeply rewarding. The cards give you resources that you may never have had otherwise.

In order to get the best out of reading the cards, try the following method. It gives you five things to look for when you select and read any cards.

The five things, each represented by a symbol, are:
1. Light Bulb
2. Question Mark
3. Cross
4. Arrow
5. Talking Bubbles

I’ll explain each section, using a The Value In You® card as an example.

2. The Question Mark

question mark

Did these verses raise any questions as you read? You might stumble over a word or verse, or a connection to another card in the deck of The Value In You®, or a particular spiritual point.

With every question you ask, try and answer your own question. Some of the deepest, most lasting learning we do comes when we press ourselves for an answer to our own question.

The answer might be in the line we’re studying, or we may have an insight.

Stop, think, ask, and do your best.

Question Mark (Example):

The Value In You Cards_Print Ready (1)_minuteman_ve_Page_37Where are your thoughts right now?

Are you focused on your expirations, dreams and desires, the things that you want and would really love in your live?

Or are you spending your time thinking about what has been done to you in the past?

What hasn’t worked for you before?

Why things can’t work for you?

And all those other things that limit you and stop you from getting to where you want to be?


Try focusing on the actions you can take to make your dreams your reality.