Who are you allowing yourself to be…

With summer trying it’s hardest to break through consistently are you feeling the same way, things seem to be coming together but there must be an easier way? Sometimes it just takes approaching the situation from a different angle and using your resources wisely.

You were created with a unique set of talents and gifts that when used effectively can bring you great peace and joy. How are you using yours?

Consider the following scenario…

Procrastination and Action line up at the start line, the starter fires and Action is off, Procrastination makes to go and guess what happens……

You guessed it, Action got the job done whilst Procrastination thought about it. Sound familiar?

As Maya Angelou said “One isn’t necessarily born to courage, but one is born with potential.”

I wish to ask you this question “What is Your Original Self?”

Is it:

  • To function in all areas as a whole person
  • To come from a place of authenticity
  • To know and show that you count for something
  • To abandon the limitations others have been imposed upon you
  • To feel free
  • To reconnect with your inner joy
  • To improve your well-being
  • To feel your unique passion
  • To be the person that you were meant to be
  • To enjoy life as you are meant to!!

Enjoy your week ahead.

— Roxanne


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