Some Tuesday Tips…

Today we think about what it means to reach your zenith, when do you get to that stage of achievement that defines your peak?

I believe that everything has its time, so how fitting that during this first week of the Olympic Games we should be considering reaching our peak; it takes up to four years of focused dedication, training and sacrifice for an athlete to get the opportunity to compete as an Olympian.

Along the way some may have obtained a Personal Best (PB), a National Record (NR) or even a World Record (WR), yet, when they arrive at the Olympic Games the goal is to achieve and Olympic medal, preferably gold.

For you and I it could take a lifetime for us to reach our peak, a lifetime of trying, of growing, of testing, we all have different goals and skill levels.

Each day we make a choice whether to excel or not, with each activity we can either give it our best and know that we gave it all that we were capable of giving, or we can be of the mind to “just get it done”.

My question to you is, how do you know when you have reached your peak, what benchmark have you set?

Have a great week, and look forward to sharing your journey.


— Roxanne


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