You Make A Difference

It is a pleasure to be connecting with you today, sharing a few moments of insight and inspiration.

As is the norm, the past week has seen some high moments and some moments that provided opportunity for growth.

Have you noticed that whenever you arrive at a key decision point in your life that you receive reminders of the difference that you make, how the impact of your uniqueness has left its mark somewhere.

You may not even be aware of the difference that you make, it could be the person to whom you give that fleeting smile each morning as you pass them when taking the train, or the shopkeeper who you greet warmly each time you make a purchase, to these people you are making a difference in their lives. It could be the other way around, maybe you look forward to seeing someone as they make you feel good about yourself.

The point here is that often at the time when you question why you are doing something that the response comes to you in the form of someone giving you feedback.


  • Write down three things that are unique about you
  • How do you utilise your unique points on a day to day basis?
  • Think of a few ways that you can utilise your gifts further to make a difference.


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