To Give is to Receive


Good afternoon All,

Welcome to my Thursday Thoughts, the blog site where you focus on you.

I came across the following excerpt, which got me thinking of you:

Living is giving your best self away,
Living helping someone every day;
Living is giving more than you get,
It’s treating an animal like a person, instead of a pet.

It’s helping the disabled across the street,
It’s smiling at the new person at work that you meet;
It’s respect for all nations, color and creeds,
It’s sharing and caring for your neighbor’s needs
One of God’s greatest laws you can live and believe,
Is the more that you give, the more you’ll receive!

Denis Waitley

When you stop to consider the above would you say that you are living?


In what area of your life could you give a bit more of yourself, without expecting anything in return?

Think of someone who is always there for you and do something unexpected for them.

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