It is great to be sharing another Wonderful Wednesday with you.

This blog is slightly longer than previous ones as I feel that I need to make a few things clear; if you have been reading my messages for a while you will know that I pose a series of questions but do not always give you the answers.

The reason being that the answers reside in you, in waiting for someone else to tell you what to do you are in effect handing over your freedom to choose to someone else.

Is that really what you want to do?

From a personal perspective, I know that my life changed when I took full responsibility for my actions, good and bad, and accepted that I had made the choices that got me to a particular point.

So, I considered the elements that I did not like and decided what I actually wanted in my life (I stress here that I focussed on what I wanted) and then took steps to make it happen.

This in itself was a major learning curve, and thankfully I had support along the way. Now, even when things do not happen within the timescale that I would want, I know that there is a lesson that I am yet to learn before getting what I want.



Are your decisions based on?

∴  A goal that you have for yourself
∴  How you see yourself
∴  What you feel someone wants you to do
∴  How you want someone to see you
∴  Not sure

Remember, making decisions to enrich yourself means taking responsibility for ensuring the well-being of not only you, but of others too, as the better you feel from within the more you are able to share with others.




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