Happy 90th Birthday Louise Hay – hay house uk

Louise Hay - hay house uk

Louise Hay – hay house uk


—   reposted from an article written by a dear friend of Louise Hay (hay house uk)

Many years ago when my husband Eric was seriously injured in a climbing accident which I feared was my fault, I descended into despair. Already a poster child for the problem of self-loathing and self-destructive behavior, I had hit the wall. I was beginning to experience health problems, too, that stemmed from my need to forgive myself for Eric’s accident.

Just as I realized that I must forgive myself, I discovered a way—Louise’s You Can Heal Your Life. In fact, this book saved my life. Following its wisdom, I started the practice of saying positive affirmations, which helped me more fully love, accept, and forgive myself. I began the self-care work that not only saved me but helped me wake up to the true purpose of my life.

Positive affirmations became a form of prayer for me. As Louise teaches, our beliefs and ideas about ourselves are often the cause of our emotional problems and physical maladies. By thinking of ourselves in positive terms rather than negative ones, by changing our thoughts, we can change our lives for the better.

Could this positive message heal? Ask the poet in Poland, the coach in Argentina, the student in Mexico, and the artist in Japan. Ask the millions who are thankful beyond measure for the message that being loved and forgiven is our natural state. Being happy and healthy is our birthright. What hope!

As I learned to love and forgive myself and began to follow my path to the light, a world of healing opened before me. I learned to heal myself, and I discovered my work as a spiritual teacher and energy healer. Louise Hay and her signature book became a beacon on my road to fulfillment, joy, and service to the world.

Here are the ways I apply Louise’s five “basics of life” in my work as a Master Healer today:


  • Forgiveness – When I was seeking a path to redeem my life, Louise’s message in You Can Heal Your Life helped me find the grace I needed to forgive myself. The grief of my difficult childhood and my self-destructive patterns as a young adult could only be healed when I began to forgive myself and others. Forgiveness is the cornerstone of any effort to rebuild, recover, and renew your journey to the light.
  • Courage – It takes courage to face your fear and begin to care for yourself in mind, body, and spirit. Taking responsibility for your life—your past and your future—takes guts. It’s a leap of faith. Acknowledging that you are a child of the Divine brings the recognition that you are worthy and deserve your own loving care and respect.
  • Gratitude – Having an attitude of gratitude in every area of life brings more to be grateful for. All the positive thoughts and emotions that enable you to serve others with love stem from a sense of reverence and thankfulness. Seeing each day as filled with opportunity and promise helps you grow closer to the open-hearted, open-minded, and loving spirit you were born to be.
  • Love – The energy that holds the universe together is unconditional love. When you extend that love to yourself, you’ll be able to extend it to others as well. Beginning with the inner light of self-love (which honors the Source of all creation), you can grow in spirit and become part of a vast network that can heal the world.
  • Humor – Do you love to laugh? I know Louise does. Laughter is healing and reflects a confident belief that all is well. As a beloved child of the Divine, you are here to be a joyful explorer of life. When you laugh, you are reducing pain and stress, building immunity, and lighting up the world for yourself and others. Being a role model for joy is a powerful teaching tool. “Don’t worry, be happy!” is one of Louise’s favorite sayings.


Grateful people around the world will beam bright birthday wishes to Louise as she turns 90 this October 8. A great way to honor a great teacher is to follow her example and begin a practice of loving and forgiving yourself, doing the healing work that will set you free to love and serve others.

As Louise affirms, “Nourishing myself is a joyful experience and I am worth the time spent on my healing.”


Media Company Overview

Hay House UK Ltd. publishes books, calendars, DVDs, audio books, and cards in the areas of angels and fairies, astrology and divination, health, mediums and psychics, parenting, self help and personal development, and spirituality. The company also engages in organizing events. It offers its products online. Hay House UK Ltd. was founded in 1984 and is based in London, the United Kingdom.


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