This Christmas

Its the last weekend before Christmas, a time when many of us are rushing around tending to last minute preparations, dodging trollies and other frantic shoppers. But we must not forget that the holiday season can be a bitter sweet experience for many, with some feeling lonely and isolated and others missing loved ones who are no longer here to share the festivities.
Just the other evening I started a conversation with a lady whilst walking down the road, she had just ended a call with her sister whereby her sister had accused her of being “grotesque” for spending her own money to buy presents and bits for her grandchildren. The sister had spent a total of £48 on Christmas and chose to chastise this lady for not knowing how much she had spent.
My thoughts are, to each their own, so I asked the lady if she had spent her own money, which she had. She also proceeded to say that she did not take anything from anyone and that she did not owe anyone anything, and felt that as she had worked hard all of her life that she felt good being in a position to treat her grandchildren over Christmas. Well, what more can we ask?
We all have choice in how we live our life, even when circumstances and conditions may appear otherwise, so this Christmas what choices are you making and do they enrich you and make you happier?

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