Expression – Make Yourself Heard


“Well Hi,

How are you today?

So, we’re together on this Friday sunshine, lots been happening this week and you get a sense of feeling that people are ready for change, people ready for things to move on.

So I will show today’s card with you and let’s see what it tells us.

OK, so I think I’ll go on the right-hand side today, Ooh, who haven’t had this one before. Today’s card is

You have a voice that needs to be
heard, even when you say nothing
the things that you do express>
your feelings.

Recognize the strong reactions in
your body, such as persistent
aches and pains, that tell you when
you need to “do something”, even
stop what you’re currently doing.

Well, last night I was at an event called ‘Common Ties’ and it was all about storytelling. It was about expression, sharing, community and by being part of a community and sharing your stories.

Storytelling helps you to express yourself, to be a full version of yourself and to support others and create that support for yourself.

Today, what I’d invite you to do is to express yourself, to see your fuller vision and let part of that come out for you and see just how much you can grow, how much you can grow into yourself but also how you can grow externally as well.

So, enjoy being expressive, enjoy being you and have a wonderful day and we will catch up soon.

Bye for now.”

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