Hello Autumn


As summer comes to a close and we step towards autumn another cycle commences; for those of us with families it may be preparing for school, college or university, getting into a routine of early morning dashes, homework and the likes. However, this is also a time when some choose to re-evaluate their life, making changes by starting courses, a new job, even taking the plunge of starting a new venture.

What does the on-set of autumn mean for you, did you spend the summer making plans for the next phase of your life?

I remember when my children were younger, just before the start of the new school year we would have a conversation about their intention for the coming months, what they were hoping to achieve, and what they were prepared to do to make it happen. We know that having intentions is one thing, but the real value lies in what you do to turn those intentions into actions and processes that get us the results that we seek. What routines do you have that support you?

  • Do you have a morning ritual?
  • Is there something that you do during the course of the day to keep you focussed and energised?
  • Do you have a night time ritual to prepare you for the following day?

When starting a new habit, it can feel as though it takes up a lot of your time, but once you get into a routine, and stop over thinking it, you will find that you learn to let your actions flow, thus being more authentic and connected. It is in forming these rituals (habits) that your growth takes place. One ritual that many find very beneficial is to meditate first thing in the morning. This does not have to be a long-guided process, you could sit or lie still for 10 minutes focussing on your breathing.

I have found that people get better results when they have someone with experience who can help them to look at their strategy and make a plan, so I have set aside a few slots over the coming week for just this purpose.

If this sounds like something that would help you send an email to Roxanne@thevalueinyou.com for further details.

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