Season’s Greetings



Wow almost at the end of December, we seem to have got here so quickly.

As you reflect on your year would you say that it has been your best yet? Have you realised your goals, or did you exceed them? Personally, there have been highs and there have been lows, with some events coming presumably out of nowhere. One thing that I would say is that the year has definitely been one like no other.

Some fun things that happened just in the last few months. You may recall that I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Dr John Demartini from The Secret. I was also invited to form a small group to host a private tour of a new Mary Seacole installation and the statue for the High Commissioner of Jamaica and his Deputy. Just last week we unveiled a plaque in dedication to Healthcare workers who have given their support in times of conflict and crisis. In collaboration with two other business owners we created a Relax, Inspire and Reflect hamper that formed part of a raffle, raising funds for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Something else that happened this week will be revealed in the new year, but why do I share all of this with you?

With just 9 days until Christmas, and 16 until the new year, what plans do you have in place? Have you chosen to design your year? What are your musts for 2018, in all areas of your life? Don’t panic if you have not done so as yet, you still have time to sit back, reflect and then design the year that you would love to live.

Things to consider are:

Health                         – What would you love to experience? Is your desire to be healthier, exercise more, change the way that you eat?

Career/Business         – What would make you thrive? Will you expand your client base, are you seeking a promotion?

Relationships              – What can you do to enjoy loving and strong connections? Do you want to spend more quality time with a special someone?

Freedom                     – What does this look like for you? More time to do the things that you love, more money?

Remember, you always have choice, so you can choose to envisage and create the type of life that makes you feel alive, or you can let the dictates of things outside of you determine your experiences.

Not sure where to start, put aside 10 to 15 minutes, get yourself a pad and a pen, then find a quiet place. For that 10 to 15 minutes relax and think about what you would love to be doing in 2018, and write it down. Remember, it is about what you would love to do, be and have, so forget about current circumstances and situations, it is all about what you would love.

My greatest pleasure is to serve you. Thank you for being part of this community.

Wishing you a very happy Christmas, and looking forward to seeing you soar in 2018.

Much love,


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