Dealing With Adverse Situations


Welcome to March, the month associated with Spring. However, over the past few days you could be excused if you thought that we were in the thick of winter. Here in the UK we occasionally experience extreme conditions that although expected we never seem to be able to handle fully, resulting in disruption to our roads and transport system.


This level of disruption is not isolated to weather and the impact that it has on our ability to navigate the roads and the railways, this can also be inherent in our lives. When adverse situations occur in your life how do you cope? Do you stop and go into hibernation or panic mode, or do you seek solutions?

For most of us the automatic response to unwelcome situations is a rush of adrenalin, which triggers our flight or fright reflex, causing us to either look for ways to run away from having to face the situation (some turn to an addiction, e.g. drugs or alcohol), or to freeze and stay “stuck” in the same space. These reactions are often unrecognised because they have become such a natural way of existing that it is just the “normal” thing to do. One of the hardest things to do is to recognise your habitual way of doing things and to make changes. Come on, it can be hard work!


Deciding to make a change and sticking to that decision takes a lot of determination and dedication. It requires a strong reason to follow through. Take someone who is unhappy in their job, but earning a reasonable salary. They may complain, dread Monday mornings, but will not do anything to change their situation. They stay due to a perceived idea, be it that they are too old to get another job, cannot get the salary that they want elsewhere, or just plain frightened of change.

Something for you to consider:

What does a quality based life mean to you?

If this has hit a chord with you contact me to see how I can help:

Have a great month, and wishing you fabulous new beginnings.

With love,


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