Improving Performance With Your Ideas


Do you find that you are not getting as much done as you would like to?

Well, I can assure you that you are not alone, however, is this really what you want to hear or where you want to be?

Have you given much thought to how you implement your ideas, do you get into action straight away? How many times do you go over the same idea before you implement? Perhaps you have difficulty persuading others to embrace a suggestion. So, what if I said to you that this could be due to your own doubts.

Quite often ideas are given to you but the process of over thinking or delayed action kills the seed of the idea. So by the time that you are ready to start working on it you are no longer feeling as enthused as when you first had the idea. In other words, it feels a bit stale.

To overcome this stagnation I have found that it helps my clients when we do the following:


  • Take a pen and paper (or notes on a device)
  • In your mind walk through the idea
  • Write down each step as you are walking through

I will give you an example,

You want to run an event:

  1. What do you want your guests to feel as they walk through the door of the venue?
  2. How are they greeted?
  3. What is the check-in experience like for them?
  4. Are there refreshments available?
  5. What do they do as they wait for the event to start?

Etc, etc….


So, just from this example, can you see how you can simplify and implement an idea with ease, quickly and effectively? This in turn takes away the need to do a task over and over again, hence, saving you time, energy and money. Now imagine being this effective in all areas, do you think that it would impact your overall performance?

What would it mean for you to have an idea and be so clear about it that it feels as though it has already happened? Can you see how easy it would be for you to convince others that your idea is not only viable, but necessary? This is what I do with my clients, I help to bring your idea to life by seeing the vision with you and then give you the processes to turn your idea into reality.


I work with a select number of clients to enhance their performance and that of their business, so if you are ready to get 25% more out of your day email me at

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