You Don’t Have to be Blue This Winter

Hi, Roxanne here checking in with you as we approach the official beginning of winter.

You may have already noticed that the days are getting shorter, and we are spending more time in the dark.

Winter can be challenging anyway with the colder, wetter weather.  However, you have a choice that rather than become a victim of the winter blues, you can make it your mission to thrive and approach the next season with renewed purpose.

With this in mind, I want to remind you of the importance of taking care of yourself during the next few months. Which is especially important in current times. 

To support you, I am sharing 3 tips that help to maintain balance and a positive outlook:

Take care of your health

  • Eat a balanced diet and top up on your vitamin D intake
  • Stay active, including regular exercise
  • Sleep well

Manage your workload

  • Minimise your daily “to do” list to avoid overwhelm
  • Take breaks at regular intervals
  • Celebrate your wins and outcomes

Make time to be sociable

  • Enjoy lots of “me time” to give you space to think and relax
  • Maintain healthy human contact (whether in person or virtually)
  • Know your boundaries.

I said that I would share 3 tips, here’s a bonus tip – use The Value In You® cards daily!

To your health & success,

Roxanne x

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