Allowing Yourself to Be…

Hi. I’m Roxanne, and I’m about to show you how my Great-Aunt revealed the true answer to using the Law of Attraction.


She wasn’t rich. She wasn’t really successful.
She was just an auntie looking out for her adopted daughter.


But it was something she said to me one day that led me on a path to discover how to find your own unique purpose and live a successful purpose-driven life on your own terms.

A secret that will seems to draw anything you need:

clickfunnel_whatwver u desire_290716_v1.3

You can automatically draw these things to you without years of trial and error…
Without positive affirmations…


Without ANY of the techniques taught in the popular media… which we both know simple doesn’t always work.


This one simple secret is the missing ingredient… that has prevented you from taking the steps to a brighter future and living the life of your dreams.
earth globeIt is the missing ingredient behind “The Law of Attraction.”

It is the reason why you have not benefited fully from using The Law of Attraction.

It’s something I call The Value in You® inspiration leadership cards…and when you use them, it’s like nothing you’ve ever tried… or heard of.

Whatever it is you desire in life… as long as it does not do harm to another living being and as long as it in some way, helps others, it will reveal all you need to attain almost effortless success in any area of your life.

And I’m going to show you the amazing proof of why it works so well in the next few minutes…
…because until you have this secret and use it in your life, “The Law of Attraction” will never fully work for you.
Yet, when you begin to use the thinking  guidance method I’ll be teaching you… the world around you will not look the same anymore.
You will see it completely different.
You’ll see it the way those highly successful people do.


The one’s who seem to have it all.


The one’s who seem to work less… no, the one’s that play and still seem to attract love, health, money, and endless opportunities.


You see, they view the world in a completely different way.


They see easy opportunities all around them.


They are guided by a force that tells them exactly what to do and what to say to attain their desires without resistance.


So, let me ask you…
old manHow would you like…
  • To embrace the real you?
  • To be on fire with a dream for your life? 
  • To have your life working for you, not against you?
  • To know that you have all the money, time and opportunities you need to chose how to live your day? 
  • To provide the best for your family?
What would you do?


I want you to imagine that while you read on to what I have to say.
The secret you’re about to discover here today may sound odd, but after a moment, you’ll realize how much sense it makes.
hands earthAnd you may even wonder how you never saw it before. But most importantly…


It’s what’s going to allow you to do all the things you imagined just moments ago.


To live the life you deserve to live… to literally force the world around you to give you your dreams, no matter where you’re coming from and no matter what you’re starting from.


Even though it might sound crazy right now… this secret technique will work for you… just like it already has for me and countless thousands of others.
And that’s because it works through a powerful proven, scientific formula.

polar moleculeIt’s what The Law of Attraction should have been teaching all along.


The universal and MAGICAL formula of abundance.
But there’s something you need to accept and understand before we get into this.


If things in your life aren’t going the way you want…


If you feel like little that you do matters… like you’re taking action… you’re pushing and pushing, but for every two steps you take forward, you end up one step back.


All when you know deep inside your soul, you could live your life could be effortlessly gliding to a life of your dreams.
hands holding lightYou see, your ability to attract the things in life you desire is not something you learn.
It’s something that is already within you.


When I was able to see that things that come easily to me didn’t always come easily to others and I started to think about the things that mattered to me, that made me feel alive and well…


my life changed so profoundly and also so suddenly that there was no doubt in my mind that I had stumbled onto something so powerful and so obvious!
Something that I thought all the books and teachings of the Law of Attraction would teach me but didn’t.
Now before you think this is some kind of gimmick or a quick 5 second party trick… it’s not.
Yes, it does work fast, and yes it does stay with you for life.


But it is the farthest thing from sitting in the lotus position and asking you to “visualize” money pouring into your bank account…


To “ask the universe” for the perfect man or woman to madly fall in love with you…


Or to create a “vision board” for all the things you want.


Yes those things help. But they are like the bumpers on your car. They aren’t the engine.


When you harness this powerfully simple, yet scientific secret in your life… you’ll be able to literally force the universe to give you whatever you want…


Free yourself from the rat-race treadmill, tap into the emotional abundance and financial freedom you’ve been longing for all along and finally…


However, before we go on, there are a few things I want to share about myself.


It’ll explain why this scientific secret works so well for anyone… anytime and on any place on Earth.


sunshineI never would admit this before, but I was a law of attraction junkie.

I don’t know what it was about it, but the idea of attracting abundance, success and wealth just resonated with me. I felt there was truth to it.


The only problem? Everything I learned wouldn’t work.


Books, seminars, workshops… even so-called “advanced” attraction techniques. But still, nothing worked.


Don’t get me wrong… I discovered magnificent practices like different forms of meditation, journaling and self-exploration. But still… I just wasn’t getting the results I believed I should.


At first I believed the problem was me. That I was just “broken” somehow. That others… the lucky few, were just destined to have it all.


And people like me were just “designed” to live a life of quiet desperation.


mom in kitchenThat was, until one day… when I spoke to my great-aunt in the kitchen, as she busily prepared the family meal


I discussed with her the increasing number of challenges I was facing. About my quest to function in all areas of my life as a whole person, to abandon the limitations other had imposed on me, to enjoy life as I was meant to.


My great-aunt turned to me and said “Roxanne, sometimes it just takes approaching the situation from a different angle and using your resources wisely. Sometimes it is about allowing yourself to be…”


She then said, “sometimes, we become what we think about.”


That’s where everything changed for me
woman in sunsetWhat she said struck me so hard.


I began to wonder, “Are there signals that exists to tell us exactly what we should do to increase the quality of our lives?”


I started to realize that when the Law of Attraction did work for me… it was because I was thinking constructively and correctly. And that guided me on what I needed to do to attain what I wanted.


I was reminded of one of the thoughts from the 5th century BC Chinese philosopher and writer Lao Tzu. He said:
        Watch your thoughts; They become words.
        Watch your words; They become actions.
        Watch your actions; They become habits.
        Watch your habits; They become character.
        Watch your character; It becomes your destiny.
I began to wonder, “Are there tools or aids to help us achieve our ambitions and dreams?”, “Can we design our own balanced and meaningful lifestyle?”
But if we knew what actions to take, just like how all
those really successful people seem to do. People like…
They listened honestly to their inner wisdom, got the answers to their most challenging questions from within, took certain actions and ended up with massive success and abundance.
Some of them had to make hard decisions. Some started with nothing. Some had a lot to begin with.
But what they all had in common were two things:
  1. They had an unshakeable dream that was right for them
  2. They trusted themselves to know the right answers and knew what felt right for them
But not only that. They also seem to have a clear understanding of who they are, which makes for an easier more successful life.


Think about it. Of all the choices they could have made at each turn, they made ONE. At each moment after that, there was a choice they made and each choice led them to where they are now.


They made choices that suited them and helped them to feel good about themselves.
So here’s the big question… How can you start to get results
like these in your life? How do you start ending your struggle?
universe in your hands_640x480Hi again I’m Roxanne. And thanks to some incredible friends who encouraged me to put this online for others like you to benefit from my teachings…
In explaining this process to so many other people, I’ve figured out how to make it simple and easy to understand.


People kept telling me that I have taught them how to respect who they are, what makes them tick and what they stand for.


They feel liberated because they now take the time to really get to know themselves, their values and what governs the choices that they make.


So decided to call my program…
The Value In You® Leadership Cards
It’s where I teach you all you need to know to fully respect and value the things that you do, as they may be the key to turning your life around.
Sales funnel_52 ways_v1.1Life really can be simple with The Value In You® cards.


It is an aid to help fulfil your ambitions and make things happen.
Here is how it works


The Value in You® is a set of cards that captures some of those nuggets of information that we may know but too frequently forget to use on a daily basis.


These aim is to help you make the choices that fulfil your ambitions for a balanced and meaningful lifestyle.


Everyday you pick a card which has a paragraph of wisdom which is sometimes led with an example or a suggestion.


You then need to read it and take a few minutes to try and apply it to your own life and then it’s your opportunity to make a related action which will help you achieve for that day.


These may also work well in groups where everyone can choose a card and use it as a talking point whilst applying it to their own situation.


JTP-The Value In You-7893My “The Value in You®” inspirational leadership cards creates immediate… real life results.

Your thoughts are the most powerful tool that you have, they can excel you to great heights and they can take you down to deep despair.


Feeding your mind is fundamental to your existence, however, it matters greatly what you feed it with.


The Value in You® takes you through the simple steps to start attracting everything you have wished for years. All you have to do is follow the instructions.


Here’s What People Are Saying:


“The Value In You cards are amazing.  Just what we need to raise our self-esteem.  Great concept.  I love them.  Absolutely amazing”.

— L. Hudson, Transformational Life Coach

“This little box of cards contains a ‘fountain of wisdom’.  I will definitely use it with young people but also at home for myself.  It is a great piece of work and achievement. These cards should help millions of people prosper and find supreme joy of life.”

— P. Bup, Educator and Entrepreneur

“So glad you have produced these cards.  I have started using them straight away and spoke about them to  others.  Everyone should invest in their own self-worth.  These cards can be truly helpful.”

— M. Mcleod, Entrepreneur

Hi Roxanne,

What an original idea!  I love the simple and effective technique to keep one inspired!

— C. Britz, Entrepreneur

“These cards are fantastic and really helped me to level up on my leadership and expand my mind when it comes to my work.”

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— Roxanne
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So how do we know whether The Value In You® Leadership Cards will work for you?
It may not. If you already have all the money you need, all the free time, deep fulfilment and peace with yourself and life…


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But if you feel stuck and stressed in your life, and you just want to end this struggle to have a better life…


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Yet, without addressing your own uniqueness, the power of you, you’ll end up spinning your wheels for the rest of your life.


So if you want a way to just ease any money worries, or make the income you feel you truly deserve without struggling or working so hard all the time…


If you want to fill the empty hole in your life created by not having someone who loves you the way you deserve, or if you just feel that living a life of mediocrity is not for you…


person climbing mountain_550x412That living your days without ever experiencing things you believe, deep in your heart, that you should been experiencing to take every area of your life…

Your fitness…               Your body…
Your bank account…   Your romance…
Your sex life…               Your emotional well-being…
to the next level.
I want you to look right now and see how precious life is.


I want you to refuse to waste another second feeling unfulfilled or that your true potential life is not being realized.


If you’ve already invested time and energy in the Law of Attraction but still just can’t seem to get what you want, yet you believe the power to manifest is hidden inside you.


If you want to have the key to start getting everything you really wanted for so long but kept eluding you no matter how hard you tried… If any of this feels familiar to you…


The Value In You® Leadership Cards are made for you.
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guaranteed to change your life forever.
Right now, you have a decision to make.
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You may be able to take what you’ve learned here and apply it for yourself. It could work.


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Years from now, when you’re looking back at this moment, are you planning on saying…


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IMG_3350Changes that lead to a complete and utter life transformation.

Your dreams are more than just a fantasy that you take out every now and then, they can become your reality.


The Value In You® Leadership Cards are the key to changing that.


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embarassing woman_600x399But if you don’t take action, you probably never will.


Fear of change is a powerful frightening thing.


The fear that you hold on to has the power to stop you from living a full life.


Even if it means you end up watching the world go bye. Even if it is not the best you can have in life.


Inaction can grip you and hold you back from the life you should be living.


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— Roxanne St. Clair


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No thanks, Roxanne. I’m fine with the less than satisfactory results I’ve been getting with the Law of Attraction. I appreciate the offer, but I’ll pass on having a comprehensive guide that reveals the “missing ingredient” behind The Secret that so many people who struggle with manifesting aren’t even aware about.