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“When I first saw these cards, I underestimated how much of a difference it would bring to my day. They are conveniently sized to carry in a purse or wallet and also make really thoughtful gifts, especially with Christmas currently not too far away.

Definitely recommend them.”

F. Seigneur, Public Speaker and Mentor

Self Improvement

Dear Roxanne,

Thank you very much for your cards, The Value in You.  I am SO proud of you Roxanne, for creating such a great piece of work.  I congratulate you on your cards, and look forward to each future “thought seed” for each day.

I understand the time and talent it takes to get a project like this accomplished.  I am sending a big “congratulations” to you.

Please know that my support is with you now and will continue on.


Mary Morrissey


Mary Morrissey – Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author

“These cards helped me regain focus and perspective when I was in a very unsure place in my life.”

K. Smith – mother, wife and Care home director

Top Customer Reviews

★★★★★  Great!

By Ffion on 4 July 2016

“These cards are fantastic and really helped me to level up on my leadership and expand my mind when it comes to my work.”


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Ffion, Top Customer Reviews – Amazon.co.uk

Hi Roxanne,

What an original idea!  I love the simple and effective technique to keep one inspired!


C. Britz, Entrepreneur

“So glad you have produced these cards.  I have started using them straight away and spoke about them to others.  Everyone should invest in their own self-worth.  These cards can be truly helpful.”

M. Mcleod, Entrepreneur

” This little box of cards contains a ‘fountain of wisdom’.  I will definitely use it with young people but also at home for myself.  It is a great piece of work and achievement.  These cards should help millions of people prosper and find supreme joy of life.”

P. Bup, Educator and Entrepreneur

“The Value In You cards are amazing.  Just what we need to raise our self-esteem.  Great concept.  I love them.  Absolutely amazing.”

L. Hudson, Transformational Life Coach